Only the darkness knows my plight
Only the darkness knows my sorrow and
the times I’ve cried

Only the night knows
my cuts
my bruises
my scars
the dark holes in my eyes
my paling skin

Only the darkness knows my solitude
Only the darkness understands that won’t see the light…
Only my body knows the cold…
of how much I want your warmth around me

Only the dusk knows my sleepless nights
…the affliction in my heart
….the arch in my back
….the anguish in my soul

Only the darkness can grasp my research
… the endless nights of my pupils burning
… the heavy weight I carry while I walk

The twilight scarcely perceives what my mind’s thinking
….the plots planted
…hope dwindling
… plans expiring

A blaze blinds my soul
… minutes before it consumes me…
… a whisper yearns
a kindle emerges from…

…. the darkness


Just smile

Softly smiling, hiding the crack

he said: “Don’t worry. I’m ok.”

They all stand, clap and cheer

Smiling broadly, he turns around

Standing ovation.

He’s not here.

-Musical Poetry

Briser mon cœur

Break my heart
Shatter my smile
Make me feel
as if I was another lad
Shut me down
Make me cry
Shatter my soul
To see if I survive
Knock on my door
To shut it back again
Leave me to die
In this miserable place
Exile me
Make me numb
Shatter the dreams
of you and I
What if I want you?
But you decide to quit
After all these amazing days
After all those “I will make you stay”
Eradicate my existence
Destroy my soul
For once you’re gone
I’ll be gone for good