Worship Arts @ Ankeny First

At Ankeny First UMC we have many different music ensembles from Children to Adult you can be a life long musician here in this community! For Children we have Rattle & Rhyme, Little Cherubs (3 y/o to Kindergarten), Kids Music Collective (1st -5th grade), Celebration Chimes, Heavenly Metal (6-12th grade), Kids of the Kingdom, Illuminate […]

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Going paperless in a paper-full music world

How a teacher & musician has gone paperless this past year. Here are 3 apps that I have used as a church musician that has made my life easier!

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Believe, I shall…

I believe in the sun, and the warm it exudes. I believe in the moon, the stars, and space. In the sound of the wind against my face. The chill of winter on a morning’s breath  I believe in the heart, emotions palpitating…In the sea and its temperamentI believe in starting clean, and the opportunities it can bring.In […]

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From Light to Light- Wind

Thin this silver cord like wisp of smoke mere brush of breath against the face ah! I know I do not know… and smile grateful into light (mild clouds of myrrh the eagle soars and hyms the heart of god) and smile grateful into light Text: Susan Palo Cherwien Music: Aaron McDermind Preformed: The National Lutheran […]

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Layers of sound & harmony

What happens when you start losing your faith? What happens when your hope is fleeting? Sure. Some good things happen. But in comparison to the “bad” the “good”? Let’s just say that it looks pretty insignificant.  Then you find this piece. For me it’s not about the lyrics. Ok. It’s not just about the lyrics. The layers of […]

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A wall of sound.

When you listen to classical music, whether it be instrumental (orchestra, band) or vocal (Opera, Choir, Zarzuela), what do you see? What do you feel? Different composers evoke different emotions, it’s natural, but ultimately what composers what to do is transcend. What transcends in you? Can you feel what the composer wants you to feel or experience? […]

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Coral Municipal de Ponce

La Coral Municipal de Ponce cantando en el Quinto Festival Internacional: Descubre a Puerto Rico y su Música Coral. Dirigidos por el Prof: Rubén Colón Tarrats.

Summertime – Arreglo Coral: Mons. Abel Di Marco
Solista: Profa. Juanita Vázquez

Ponce – Version Coral: Prof. Rubén Colón Tarrats

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