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Music made Tangible

Life is music made tangible
Art is music for the eyes
Religion is music for the soul
God is the conductor if the galaxies
While humans are simply instruments
In his galaxy filled orchestra.

Sometimes we play sour notes
Sometimes we play beautiful phrases
Sometimes we play triplets
Sometimes in double time
Life is a andante molto legato e crescendo
while your love is presto con fuoco
if only you see me how I see you
in a caprichoso cantabile
in which the legato and stacatto meet
making the most beautiful counterpoint you’ll ever hear
That is my song for you
That is my life for the world
Compose your life as you would do a symphony
And it may be one of God most beautiful symphonies
he has and will orchestrate
you as its author and him as the conductor.

Music is Life…

Life is like the most beautiful song in which you share your most inner feelings, state of mind. The song of you soul that you imprint on your loved ones and those lives united with your own can make the beautiful symphony that it is humankind” José A. Clavell


Destiny is calling ….
The moon and the stars are whispering …
The mermaids are singing…
The flowers sleeping…
The cradling wind
Rocking the cradle
Of a dream come true…

Silence is whispering…
Flowers decorating…

Destiny is amazed
At the raw talent you possess

Arms rose
As you hug the unknown
As you fly to uncharted worlds
As you sail the dreams, oh
Those impossible dreams
The dreams that you dream
On a rainy afternoon

Silence is silent
As the moon rocking’s
As the stars lullaby you
As you dream of love
On that magical world
Known by you
Your dreams show
That you can unfold
What destiny wrote

On the day you decided
To navigate the island
And make the impossible road
An unbelievable show
In which the world decays
As arms a-raise
shattering the mocking
Of those unsporting
Hatred and loathe

Fly to the moon
Fly to the sky

Pluto is a planet
Where magic is alive

The flowers cry
As you go into the night sky
Flying with Tinker Bell
And that magical dust…

The moon serenades’ you
With her black harp of space
As you fall unto sleep
On that magical place

In which you sleep …

Sleep my child…
Sleep that protect I will
From the dragons and witches
Who want to do you wrong
As you sing my song
With the stars and the moon
Accompany you unto the night
While your knight rides
In his shining armor
Of love and surprise…

By: José A. Clavell Acosta

Consumed by fair…

Let yourself fly

As the world slowly dies
Consumed by fire
All I know is desire
To know if I did was right….

If my life’s choice was good enough
To slowly dim the fire
With the melody of a life’s journey
That began so long ago….

As I stay here
Observing how little we have left
I look to you…
Up in the sky…
Wondering if I could so something more
With what you gave me
In the Genesis
Where music and life ensued

In a cage they placed me
In a cage I stood
Until they opened it up
And spread my wings I did so
And shared my light with everybody that observed
Thinking of you…
In every step of the way….

With that deathly hallow
I unfolded
Receiving him like a lost friend
Be still my heart
I’m coming towards you…
With that minor chord in C minor
Slowly dying …
As I step outside
And fill my valor…

José A. Clavell Acosta
January 4, 2011

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