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Food for thought…

… I want to believe that I have the power to make my dreams come true… Nobody will have that power only me. The purpose of our lifes is to live it, I plan on doing so… with you by my side and treading at hand. Making music every day and every night. Today I saw that I can do what I want to do for the rest of my life… I’m not perfect.. I’m not trying to be… but want I truly want is make music soar trough the hearts of many and make them feel what I feel… This is my solemn vow.

Nocturne (A setting of “Whispers of Heavenly Death” by Walt Whitman) Music by: Ralph Vaughan Williams

My English Professor: Dr. Mercedes Torres Almodovar would like this!

The pursuit of Happiness

You have to wake up sooner if not you’re gonna miss your classes.
Get my coffee and try to survive another day
Sit down on a chair and speak of God
Run a marathon: “Don’t walk so much ‘cause you’ll get sick”
No te mojes porque te da asma
Llévate la sombrilla porque va a llover
Even if you study music, do something that makes money.
You have to do something in your life that makes you happy
Go on and sit and listen to a professor talk some more
Remember you have to get good grades if not you’re not going to get a job.
Cuidado con los tresillos, que los quieren cuadrar!!
Why do you want to study abroad for Choral Conducting when you can do that here without a Master’s?
Molto legato e cantabile
“Dale no querías ser director coral! Dale que Rubén dijo que tu ibas a dirigir”
It’s your last semester make it count!
No bajes el promedio pero no te exigo que seas estudiante de A!
Did you get your grades for the tests?!
Just try to be happy with what you do…
Just trying to pursue my happiness…

By: José A. Clavell Acosta®

1.Vocalizing Exercise
2.Sing the notes as they were one & as if it were a song.

Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2…

“I am drawn instantly . It starts with the introduction…The intensity of it bind us with a cord and hits us repeatedly. Then continues on to a strong-yet-delicate-heart-piercing- arpeggio. And… the sound of a surging orchestra… Such a beautiful rachmaninoff.. He’s the real thing… a true maestro is here…”

Possible Songs for this semester!

An example of how music can be interlaced with the other arts

Life is but a dream

Sitting under this cherry oak tree
The summer winds embrace me
As I wonder what was my life meant to be…
“Grow strong and wise” our mothers always say
I’m sure you all have heard them say
But what if we never get to be
A doctor, lawyer or teacher, you see

Life is not 1 + 2 equals three
Maybe life is nothing but a dream
A dream… it’s what we all have
A dream and nothing but a dream
But some of us never dare to do so
For alongside the problems come
Doubts show their way
And hope starts to fade.

Life is but a dream
And what we could do if it isn’t
For one can’t live without a hope
For a better sunrise, for a better tree
So under this cherry oak tree
I write, I sleep, I dream,
I wake and I yearn for a better, bigger dream
For if life’s a dream
I will every single day
Until I can dream no more
And I wish you adieu
I sincerely hope you dream as I do
For if we dream, we need to…
For life is just merely a dream.

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