The pursuit of Happiness

You have to wake up sooner if not you’re gonna miss your classes.
Get my coffee and try to survive another day
Sit down on a chair and speak of God
Run a marathon: “Don’t walk so much ‘cause you’ll get sick”
No te mojes porque te da asma
Llévate la sombrilla porque va a llover
Even if you study music, do something that makes money.
You have to do something in your life that makes you happy
Go on and sit and listen to a professor talk some more
Remember you have to get good grades if not you’re not going to get a job.
Cuidado con los tresillos, que los quieren cuadrar!!
Why do you want to study abroad for Choral Conducting when you can do that here without a Master’s?
Molto legato e cantabile
“Dale no querías ser director coral! Dale que Rubén dijo que tu ibas a dirigir”
It’s your last semester make it count!
No bajes el promedio pero no te exigo que seas estudiante de A!
Did you get your grades for the tests?!
Just try to be happy with what you do…
Just trying to pursue my happiness…

By: José A. Clavell Acosta®

1.Vocalizing Exercise
2.Sing the notes as they were one & as if it were a song.

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