Monthly Archives: January 2013


Another day has come and gone away
Look over my phone to check if you’re awake
And here I lie asleep thinking: Will I see you again?
I pray to that God that you’ll still here to stay
Your voice haunts me time and time again
These memories just crash and here I pray
Remember those promises I made not long ago?
I’ll keep them and show you I’m something so much more…
I’m something more… I won’t go…
Your diamonds are falling
Oh, why? Can’t you see?
Can’t you see? You’re falling away from me…
I’m standing here outside your home
Waiting for you look outside
Remember when it rained, we talked all night?
That time our diamonds touched the sky?
Oh, please… please don’t let me be
Even if the winds change, beside you I will stay
To catch the diamonds you throw at me
To take us home where we should hide away
To hold you close until the dawn awaits
Your diamonds are falling
Oh, why? Can’t you see?
Can’t you see? That you mean the world to me…
you mean the world to me…
Please, stop from falling
Just let me catch you
This will go away
We’ll be free someday
Our plane ticket home
it’s just within our reach
just hold my hand
and count to three…
Diamonds stop falling
I’ll grab them, you’ll see
One day you’ll stop falling
You’ll stop falling for me…
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