Reconciling #musicalpoetry, #spanish learning, #CI, and #culture

I’m a music teacher. I’m a Spanish teacher. I am a both. I am a Native speaker. How do I reconcile both in my classroom? These were my thoughts throughout #CIIA2018 this month, especially when Laurie Clarcq was speaking in her breakout sessions. As a Spanish teacher, I constantly use music in my room. Mainly […]

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My first experience in #CIIA2018

#CIIA18 #newbieCIteacher #NativeSpeakerTeachingNonNativeStudents

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Reflections of a Native speaker teaching native and heritage Spanish​ speakers.

The school year is over. OVER. Is this the time where I do my happy dance? Is this the time where I begin to burn things from the previous year and purge myself of all the bad juju? No to the first one. Second one? I don’t know. What I do know is that I […]

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