About the author & Musical Poetry

Mr. José Clavell begins his duties as Director of Music for Ankeny First in the summer of 2018. Before his position at Ankeny, he was the Music Director for Aldersgate United Methodist Church and was a Spanish teacher to native and non-native students at Des Moines Public Schools. He currently sings with the Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble.

Originally from Puerto Rico, José moved to the midwest where he pursued his Master’s of Music in Choral Conducting at Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL) in 2015 and is a 2012 graduate of Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (Ponce, Puerto Rico). He studied choral conducting under Dr. James Stegall and Mr. Rubén Colón Tarrats. He studied advanced score studies under Colón Tarrats, Renaissance music with Mons. Abel Di Marco, and voice with Mariasen Ondarra.

Before starting his masters, José was the Associate Conductor at the Juan Morel Campos Music Institute Choral Program. As Co-Director, he conducted a 50-voice mixed choir, a children’s chorus, and a 16-voice chamber ensemble. In his career, he has toured in the United States and Canada with the Pontifical Catholic University Singers. He served as guest student conductor at performances in New York’s Saint Peter’s Cathedral and New Jersey’s Saint Joseph of Palisades Church. Mr. Clavell has conducted in Puerto Rico’s Discover Puerto Rico & it’s Choral Music, an international festival.

Active in his hometown, Clavell served as a presenter for visiting choirs from Puerto Rico and the United States offering workshops in Taíno Indian music, Bomba, Plena, and Danza repertoire and rhythms. He appeared in two recordings: Ponce Municipal Band: 125 years of Tradition (2008) and Navidad Borincana: PUCPR Christmas Music (2009).

He is a member of the American Choral Director’s Association and the Iowa Choral Conductors Association. Clavell has served as the President for the Western Illinois University ACDA Student Chapter. Clavell’s musical research is: looking at the influence of Latin American Music in Europe and United States. He specifically takes interest in Latin American choral music and the socio-cultural identity of Latin America from 1945 to the present. An avid foodie and beginner blogger. he currently lives in Grimes, Iowa with his dog Moe the westiepoo.

José Clavell. José Clavell.

You can contact me @ joseaclavell@icloud.com

What is “The Art of MusicalPoetry“?

“The Art of Musical Poetry” is a project I started when I was in ninth grade (over-achiever much?). In a nutshell, “The Art of Musical Poetry” is integrating music and literature in perfect harmony, making the reader experience, as Heller Sellers (“The Practice of Creative Writing”) calls it “the creative concentration” of the author. “The Art of Musical Poetry” is to combine music to a piece of literature so that the reader can re-create the moment when the author got inspired by the fine arts and started the process or journey in writing their piece of work.

Posts will be made (at random) at least once a week. Most of my posts (whether it be poetry, short stories or “thoughts”) will be musical poetry. If you decide you want to try and make musical poetry, don’t be hesitant in sharing! You may e-mail me, and if you wish I will post your work because isn’t that what we writers want? For our children (our work) to be shared unto the world?

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9 Comments on “About the author & Musical Poetry

  1. Thank you for liking my post on Bach to Basics, and your Follow. It is so good to meet you in blogsphere, and I am following your Blog now. I’ll be back to read more from your BLog.


  2. Hiya. you might be interested in this project I’m involved in – collaborating as a poet with three music producers to blend poetry and music. We all live as expats in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and got together to make this piece, Triptych, that we performed live a couple of times before doing a studio recording that is now available for streaming or pay-what-you-want download at Bandcamp. http://washcollaboration.bandcamp.com/


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