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Close your eyes
and rest for a while
and soon you will smile
remember the past
but do not dwell in it
for the past may trap us inside

Close your eyes
and count too three
and soon all the troubles will disappear
and as soon as you count again
all the magic will appear

Shut your eyes
and smile some more
for all the magic will forevermore
be around us
from today till it’s no more

Smile and smile again
and smile for you will play
with your silver and gold
and the ‘elow will smile too

Run and play
smile and cry
that the world
the world is mad
this time and time alone
will be the fundamentals
of the forever more

So live and laugh
cry and pout that the magic
will never…
run out.

‎”There are so many melodies around us that we just have to stop from our crazy routines, find our center and just borrow them to make the most amazing and beautiful symphonies… Life does have it’s background music, we just ignore them or…some people (which is bloody sad) are deaf.” L’art de la poésie musicale

If we look at the metaphor that people are like birds we can conclude that successful people are indeed successful, for they had the chance to spread their wings and fly. Because no matter what happened to him/her, he/she fought against all odds and made their life count, and now they inspire us all. So don’t let anybody clip your wings and do the best you can in your life.


“Como músico tengo el poder de cambiar tu realidad por unos minutos, invitarte a otra perspectiva del mundo, cambiar tu estado de animo, dejarte sin pensamientos, sin aire, mover naciones y más importante cada vez que yo o uno de mis compañeros o amigo rompa el silencio… podemos mover y tocar tu alma, tu corazón con un instrumento o con nuestra voz. Ser músico es una bendición. Porque? Porque alimentamos tu alma y sanamos tu corazón y en malas manos… podemos romper lo que otro a sanado en segundos…” José A. Clavell Acosta

Life is hard… but in the long run… it’s worth it.

“Yes… Life it’s what we call the time from your birth to your death. Yes; life….it’s not easy, it’s not perfect, it’s full of ups & downs. Yes, people will come and go, you will share your heart with the right and wrong people, leaving you into a emotional mess. Life… it’s tough. You may work all your life… or be a lazy mess in your bed and suck up the money from your parents/loved ones. Life it’s full of choices… All of this may be true… we die and we vanish… The world flips a page.. the page of “me”. But! If that page, that life, the actions, the conversations, those “quotes”… everything that we do… IF THAT is EXCEPTIONAL that page will be ripped out of the Encyclopedia called HUMANITY and your life will be placed among all of the other exceptional people who have lived. Some call them Saints, Geniuses, the “brightest” men/women from their age… isn’t that what we truly want inside… to be among these people and be… important, useful?… If you want this… I say to you. Make every second, day, conversation, action count. Inspire to be inspired. Live to be lived. Love to be loved. And maybe… you can be all that you can be.” José Clavell ® 2011

For every dream

“For every single thing you want, there will be an obstacle. Every obstacle is a mountain. Even in love… But for every obstacle, every mountain, look at it well because no matter how big the obstacle, if you truly want it… you’ll be able to achieve everything you want.”

José A. Clavell 2011” ®

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