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Let’s Chat over Coffee- Chapter 5

Let’s Chat Over Coffee Chapter 4

Two weeks pass as Colin looks at the picture of the cup that’s carefully placed in his night stand, as some priced possession sighing as he, failing tries to think of something else. Should I call him? Even though it’s been two weeks? I saw an episode by the Millionaire Matchmaker that the first 48 hours are the crucial and that I shouldn’t give it away…Wait… what the hell am I thinking. I didn’t go on a date with Bradley… ergh! Snap out of it Emerys. It’s been two weeks, he forgot about me. Just stop behaving like a twelve year old! As Colin tried to not think about Bradley and focus on his essay due tomorrow, because obviously he spent the time he ~should have dedicated to his paper he dedicates (as usual) in reading fan fiction of Doctor Who, watch America’s Next Top Model (‘cause Tyra Banks is fierce as hell and would beat Naomi Campbell in a model off), Project Runway, Misfits (‘cause Simon and Alisha could have it all!) and The Devil wears Prada (‘cause Meryl Streep is flaw-free and Anne Hathaway looked beautiful in those Dolce and Gabbana dresses ). Staring at the paper for the fifth time and hating his “European” professor he looked at his laptop and his thesis statement.  This is so stupid. Why do I have to do this essay in the first place and why did tell him I would do an analysis of Les Sœurs Rondoli instead of Une Vie?  Just as he wanted to throw his laptop to the ground and flip his desk in frustration. Just as he wanted to scream, his blackberry started to ring.


Maintenant je maudis le jour où j’t’ai rencontré,

J’aurais pas dû te regarder
Si t’es plus là tous ces souvenirs

Qu’est c’que j’en fais, je veux juste t’oublier 

Tout ce qu’il me reste
C’est juste une photo de toi,

Juste une photo de toi,

Juste une photo de toi


Colin looked at his cellphone incredulously, he didn’t know the number but he had a feeling that he had to pick it up. Picking his phone tentatively he answered. Allô? “Um hi. Is this Colin’s phone? It’s Bradley” Said Bradley confused and dreading he called Colin. Damn it maybe Rachel gave me the wrong number just to mess with me!  Thought Bradley. “Um. Hi, sorry… yeah it’s me I was just doing a French paper and once I start I continue to think in French and it takes a while to change back… um… Wassap?”  Trying to sound as calm and collected while he tripped over his bag as he was standing up, thinking that would give him more confidence.

            “Ok, ok. Sorry I’m calling, I asked Rachel to give me your number I kinda wanted to talk to you. My English lit professor just gave me the list for my final test and I’m sort of freaking out, ‘cause I don’t understand the material. I was wondering if you had some free time and help me out. If you can I can pay you.” Said the musician.  Trying to recollect himself and trying not to hyperventilate, Colin replied “Um sure, but finals aren’t like in a month. Have you at least read your selections?”Yeah I’m in the middle of three and I finished two and I’m kind of struggling with these… I asked Rachel, but she was busy and she told me to ask you…” Bradley’s voice trailed. “Oh my God, that Rachel. I’m going to kill her next time I see that bitch! Thought Colin as he casually responded, “Well, sure I could help you out. I can’t right now ‘cause I’m in the middle of writing a paper I have for tomorrow. I’m free tomorrow, if it’s urgent.”  “Yes, that would be amazing. I have rehearsals up until like 6-ish, so maybe if you like we can meet wherever you like.” Said Bradley a bit too exited for his sake, doing a little jump and his guitar fell making startling Bradley. “What was that?” asked Colin. “Just my guitar, I didn’t secure it well apparently” Lied Bradley “So where should we meet?” Asked Bradley. “Well first of all I need to know the list, to know even if I can actually help you. Tomorrow at 6:30 at Perk’s?” Asked Colin. “Sure.” Said Bradley. “Let’s chat over coffee, my treat.”

Let’s Chat over Coffee- Chapter 3

Chapter Three

After ending his conversation with Colin, Bradley feels good. He doesn’t know why but he does. He looks around in the tiny cubicle he’s in, guitar on hand and sheet music on the stand, he thinks of his playlist for the night. Maybe if I use half and half… half classical half popular. People go to a coffee shop to drink coffee and talk. They’re not there to hear people sing. Bradley started to fidget in his chair and started to sweat. And I’m still not comfortable in singing alone in public. Yeah… That seems like a good idea. I wonder is that Colin kid will ~actually~ show up. He’s kind- Wait… what was it that I was going to say… think… whatever… He seems nice. Just. Nice. Bradley picks up his guitar and starts to sing, trying to get Colin out of his mind. Focus Pendragon! Bradley sigh and tries to focus on the lyrics. I wish I could get more money out of this gig…

Colin anxious by the minute picks up his phone and starts to text Rachel.

Colin: Hey. What should I wear? I mean… jeans and a shirt or would that be awkward? Is it too much?

Entering to her room, Rachel listens to her phone and picks it up. She sighs as she sees too text messages from Colin, one with a text and the other a picture of Colin in “outfit”.

Rachel: /sigh I knew I was going to have this conversation with you. Cols, its just to PICK UP A BOOK. Ok? Do you even know he ~goes~ that way? And besides you’re not going on a date. And if you are I will kill you because I will NOT be the third wheel. Are you? Omg this is a date isn’t it Emerys I will KILL YOU!
Colin: Please. I know. You’re right. I’m over reacting… and NO!!!OMG NO it’s not a date. I will just pick up the pick up the book and that’s it….
Rachel: Please don’t tell me you’re getting your hopes up? /sigh I know you Cols. Is something up?
Colin: Who said about getting my hopes up? He’s just a random guy. And yeah, I’ll ditch what I have on. I’ll be out at… five-ish so I can meet up in the music building.
Colin: PS: I will change… and to be honest I looked hot. >_>
Rachel: Ok then. See you soon luv.

Colin sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror. I look nice… I’m not ~hot~ but I look ~okay~. Rach’s right. I’m over dressed. I’m such an idiot. I don’t even know if he’s… Looking at himself in the mirror in his room, Lance walks in looking at him with a weird look in his face. “Are you going on a date?” Said Lance with a smug smirk on his face and a beer in his hand. “I wish, sadly no. I just overdressed. I’m going with Rach to the coffee shop” Said Colin with a hint of sadness. “Oh… I see and you don’t invite me or Angel, huh?” Said Colin’s roommate, amused. “It came up last minute and besides now you can invite Angel over here. Haven’t you been trying to kick me out? Now you have until 8 approximately. Use your time wisely.” Smiled Colin knowing he touched a sensitive subject with his roommate. “How did you know about Angel and I?” Lance looked pale as snow, and fumbled to get his beer that almost fell to the ground. Colin smirked as he changed his black ¾ shirt to a black T-shirt, still in his tight black jeans and high top black converse. “The walls have eyes and ears Lance. The walls have eyes and ears.” “What do you mean?” Said Lance “It means that before you bring somebody for a shag. In this case your girlfriend, since I know you’ve been with her more or less after… September? Be a little less… vocal.” Laughed Colin. “You bastard! Did she tell you?!” “No, she didn’t tell me. Lance, she’s not that hard to read. And yes I knew it ever since you two started to date. Angel is my childhood friend after all. Now you better treat her well, if not I will chop your balls, with a chainsaw.” Just as Colin finished that sentence, somebody knocked on the door. “Shit” Lance cursed as he, looked at Colin and went and opened the door. “So… are we gonna- COLIN! Hey” Angel awkwardly smiled at Colin, as she knew the gist was up. “Hey Ang. Wassap? Don’t worry. I’ll be off in a few minutes and your secret will be safe with me. And no I won’t tell Katie. I swear.” Colin winked to Angel as she looked at him shocked. “You really are a Sherlock, aren’t you” asked Angel. “Yep”. “Oh… and Angel? Think wisely… I mean Lance? Come on you could do sooo much better” smirked Colin as Angel started to laugh and Lance glared at him “Just go to your ~date~ already!” yelled his roommate. “Look at you, going on a date. Who’s the lucky guy?” asked the girl dressed in a yellow dress, showing off her breasts. “Like I told to your ~boyfriend~, it’s not a date. Just going to hang out in the coffee shop with Rachel. And I’m off… and by the time I get here, this place should be spotless. I don’t want to know what you did.” Said Colin walking to the door. “I owe you one Colin!” Said Angel as Colin left his dorm.

Colin picked up his phone, dialed Rach’s phone and pressed call just as he heard the first beep, he heard Rachel’s ringtone in a distance. Rachel screamed Colin’s name and he walked up to her. They walked together in silence as they reached the Central Perk’s coffee shop. They opened the door and they took their regular seats just as Bradley started to introduce himself. “Hello, I’m Bradley Pendragon. It’s great to be playing at Perk’s for open mike. The manager told me he wanted to give the music department a break and he wanted students from the uni to play here on Sing it out! Thursday. I’m going to change it up a bit. Let’s start with the depressing thing ‘cause I know we’re still have the stench of failure’s from last weeks midterms so let’s all hang it out and try to cram everything for finals! With that Bradley started to sing Talking to the moon.

Rachel looked at Colin with a smirk as he looked at Bradley. Colin fancies Bradley. I mean who wouldn’t? Bradley’s a musician; he’s talented, nice white smile, beautiful blue eyes and nice hair. He’s smart too, after all he’s in the top 5 of three of our classes together… obviously I’m better than him ‘cause I’m in the number one spot, thank you very much. I don’t know, maybe Bradley, if he went that way and if he liked Colin back, he could help Colin. Colin’s too shy. I mean… shyer than his normal shy self. Something’s up, I know that and he wont tell me… maybe if I pair him up with- Oi! What are you staring at? Said Colin as he looked at Rachel as a confused puppy. Sorry… just thinking too much about my midterms lied Rachel. Come on; buy me some coffee, after all if I’m going to be here ‘till seven watching you look at Bradley as a lost puppy who wants to get adopted then the ~least~ I can get out of you is some free coffee. Said Rachel. “Ok, I’ll buy you the coffee, only if you finally take me out for some shots at the bar.” Countered Colin. “Touché Emerys. Fine… Let’s see how many shots you can handle.” “So what’s the deal with Bradley, how did you meet him all of the sudden?” Asked Rachel, curious to know where exactly Colin knew Bradley from. “Oh, um…” Colin’s eyes traveled to his coffee as he tried to stop his big ears from turning beet red. “I know him from here, actually. He comes here at more or less the same time I’m here doing my reading for my classes, but it was when I saw him playing in a cubicle and a book of mine got lost, he found it and he called me today to give me the book back.” Colin said turning red and failing in saying all of this casually. “He’s actually good. When I saw him play in the cubicle, he was rehearsing a song, that it’s actually one of my favorites. Well… obviously he’s not better than John Williams, but still he played the song really well” Said Colin, looking at Bradley sing and turning even more red, when he actually listened to what Bradley was singing.

~I’ma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight
Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight~

People clapped and a group of girls cheered Bradley as he finished his song, Colin couldn’t help but notice that Bradley was looking at him as he sang that last verse and Bradley was smiling ~as~ he sang that verse. Colin looked at Rachel, as she was looking at what just happened. “Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw that.” Said Colin, his voice shaking. “No, you weren’t the only one and besides obviously he sang that to ~me~.” Said Rachel tauntly.

In a daze, Colin saw the manager walk towards Bradley and whispered in his ear while Bradley smiled and nodded. As the manager walked away, Bradley grabbed the microphone and said: “Well you guys our friend Gunther told me to stop the show for a few minutes ‘cause apparently you guys aren’t buying coffee! Bradley laughed as the costumers giggled. No I’m serious, Gunther my dear friend who is the manager and who very kindly asked me to sing today, told me to have a 15-minute break. So I’ll see be right back, and buy some of Gunth’s amazing coffee. Smiled Bradley as he placed his guitar on it’s case and looked around on his bag, took out a book and after saying hi and smiling to the table full of freshmen, he walked towards Rachel and Colin as the giggles from the girls Bradley just said hi to burst as bubbles from a bottle of sparkling wine freshly poured into a flute glass on New Years Eve.

“He’s coming. Don’t screw it or spaz.” Said the girl through gritted teeth to Colin and sipped some coffee. “Wait… What?” Said Colin surprised as he looked at Bradley suddenly in front of him. “Hey Bradley. Nice guitar playing. I don’t know if you recognize me. Rachel Smith we take three classes together.” Said the girl as she extended her hand to greet Bradley. “Yeah! Sure.” Said Bradley smiling and shaking her hand. “We take Chem, Shakespeare and what was the other one? Health was it?” “No, we took that last semester together. Sociology, with Dr. Hermioz.” Replied Rachel with outstanding kindness. “Oh right, Soc 101 with le Herz. I honestly fall asleep in that class so… that’s why I don’t actually remember it. Honestly that class is such a waste of time, if people actually read the book they would get an A. Especially with Dr. Herz” Said Bradley showing his perfect white teeth that left Colin mesmerized. “Bradley you don’t know how much I agree with you. I take that class to do my homework or basically read my emails. Oh that’s rude of me! Do you know Colin? Colin Emerys meet Bradley Pendragon. Said Rachel cynically, which made Colin stop staring at Bradley. “Um… yeah sure. I was the one who invited you remember Rach?” Said Colin ashamed and blushing just a touch that made his cheeks get slightly pink just like when the clouds in sunrise. “Yeah. I met Colin in the music department. Hey Colin. Here!” Said the musician a bit over enthusiast as he gave Colin his book back. “Sorry I didn’t call you earlier I got a little sidetracked ‘cause of the midterms and some juries I had.” “Be back in a tick, I have to get another cup of coffee. Here Bradley, take my seat.” Said Rachel as she left the table and mouthed Relax! He’s cute! To Colin who gave her a I can’t believe you’re doing this to me look.

Colin laughed nervously as he took some of his coffee and he tried not to drink what’s left, just dreading that he had to speak to Bradley alone. “So what instrument do you play?” Asked Bradley. “Um. I actually play a bit of piano. I used to play back when I was in high school. I studied in the conservatory with Prof. Gaius, I don’t know if you know about him.” “Wait… you studied under THE Gaius… The one who won the International Chopin Piano Competition three years in a row?” Almost screamed Bradley looking at Colin in shock. “Yeah, I did. I started to play piano when I was 6 years old. Gaius was actually my second and last teacher” smiled cautiously Colin. “Woah! And please tell me your studying music. You must be an amazing pianist! I mean with Gaius as your mentor and all” Said Bradley still in disbelief as he looked at Colin as if Colin had all the Christmas presents in the world. “No actually, I’m a Literature Major.” Replied Colin amused. “Wow man, you have to call me so I can see you play piano. I mean… you must be amazing!” “Do you like what you’re studying? I mean I like languages and literature but that’s ‘cause well music is deeply intertwined with both of them.” Said Bradley

“Yeah, it’s really my thing. Do you compose or play something other than guitar, which by the way you’re really good at.” Said Colin smiling at Bradley “Oh yeah. I play a bit of piano, but I suck at it to be honest. I also play just a touch of violin, I sing as you could see and I just started in conducting.” Said Bradley self-consciously. “Wow you really are a multi-talented guy, aren’t you?” Replied Colin amazed. “Some people just say to me that I’m a workaholic, I just say that I love music so much I want to do all I can. It’s basically my life you know.” Said Bradley proudly. “Know that feeling.” Said Colin drinking a bit of his scarcely sweetened black coffee. “You know. I got a feeling about you Colin. Colin, that ~is ~ your name right. I’m bad with names so-” Said Bradley as he saw Gunther saying that he had to be up again. “Sorry they’re telling me to go up again. Um… anyways here’s my number if you lost it. And I would really love to talk to you soon. I can use some tutoring with my Shakespeare class. I know you might be good, ‘cause you’re always reading here when around by the time I come here… and I would like to talk music with cha.” Said Bradley as he wrote his number in Colin’s cup as Colin looked at him puzzlingly. Bradley finished writing on Colin’s cup, looked up smiled at him and went back to where his guitar was, picked it up and smiled to the microphone and said:

“Sorry about that. Was talking to my new friend over there. I think he’ll like this next piece I’m going to play. I’m going to change it up once again, you see in this part just to get you more relaxed and give this awesome shop a cool vibe; I’m going to play some classical pieces. This first up was made popular by Andrés Segovia and is one of the most recognizable classical guitar pieces. It’s part of a suite, which was published in 1892. Ladies and Gentlemen, Asturias.” Bradley stretched about a bit, and started to play. Colin watching him, smiled as he finished his coffee and closed his eyes to take truly listen to the song, trying to ignore the people murmuring in the background. Half way toward the piece, Rachel sat back on the table and watched Colin look at his coffee cup and simply said: “When are you going to call him?” Colin just smiled and replied: “Don’t know.”

Briser mon cœur

Break my heart
Shatter my smile
Make me feel
as if I was another lad
Shut me down
Make me cry
Shatter my soul
To see if I survive
Knock on my door
To shut it back again
Leave me to die
In this miserable place
Exile me
Make me numb
Shatter the dreams
of you and I
What if I want you?
But you decide to quit
After all these amazing days
After all those “I will make you stay”
Eradicate my existence
Destroy my soul
For once you’re gone
I’ll be gone for good

Let’s Chat Over Coffee (Chapter 2)

Second Chapter of the short story “Let’s Chat Over Coffee”

For the first Chapter go here:


Chapter Two

~ I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,

                I put my hands up.

                I’ll do everything different,

                I’ll be better to you,

    I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,

                I put my hands up.

                I’ll do everything different,

                I’ll be better to you~

Abruptly ending Colin’s sleep, Adele’s “I’ll be waiting” blasts from his blackberry. He wakes up; hating the universe as he would normally does but a thousand times greater since Adele interrupted a pretty darn good dream. He goes to a the shop with Rachel and as they talk about their classes suddenly that Bradley Pendragon walks up to a chair in a corner of the shop, with a gray Rainsong acoustic-electric studio guitar as he sang “Teenage Dream”, “It will rain”, “Shiver” (which Bradley may or may not have sang that to me, since he was looking at me for the whole time, making me flail and spaz like a kindergartener while Rachel laughed at my socially inept-ness) and every song known to man that may be in a romantic comedy.

Walking to the kitchenette to brew some coffee, Colin hits his toe with the corner of his bed, “YOU MOTHER…- “You seem in a good mood today, huh Cols?”  Said Lance, shirtless in his sweats as he drank his coffee observing Colin carefully as he found Colin’s morning mood hilarious. “Shut up Lance, just because you’re a morning person, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it to the whole universe.” Spat Colin. “And just because you hate humanity doesn’t mean you have to ruin my morning and just before I go to do my morning jog. You need to get laid more often. When you get laid, you wake up happy.” Smirked Lance as he calculated his backlash to Colin’s possible insult. “Just… shut up, ok. Give me my coffee. I didn’t get much sleep, that’s all”“You say that every day. You need to stop, you know? That internet addiction will kill you someday.” Said Lance as he washed his coffee mug and grabbed his shirt, put it on and as he reached for the door he stopped and looked over to Colin “You seriously need to get laid. See you Cols!” He went out and closed the door just in time as Colin’s black converse hit the door. “I need more coffee…” said Colin sleepily as he smiled thinking back on his dream. “Why am I thinking of that Bradley so much?”

After his surprisingly fun class with Dr. E., Colin felt his cellphone vibrate. Just as he was looking at the unknown number, he waved to Rachel, who ran to the classroom beside Colin’s cursing “Ergh! I woke up late! Hey, can we meet up in the shop today? I need to get my coffee on! TEXT ME!”  Before Colin could tell Rachel yes, she was already sitting in the middle of the classroom. As he felt his blackberry vibrate for the thousand time, he answered the phone “Finally you picked up cel! Hey It’s Bradley Pendragon, the guy you were staring in the music building and the guy you sometimes stare at in the coffee shop.” “Um… Hi? And what do you mean I stare at you at the shop? And how the hell did you get my number?” Said Colin. “You think I don’t notice. Anyways, you left your book here. It’s called something of a bird? I don’t have it with me- “YES my “To Kill a mockingbird” How did you get it?  Said Colin in shock that he his favorite book was in the hands of somebody else that wasn’t him especially ~his~ hands. “Apparently you dropped it, when you were stalking me…” Said the musician.


“Look, I wasn’t stalking you. And how can we meet up. I need that book.” Demanded the nervous English major who was beside the wall in disbelief of who he was talking to.  “Well today I’m going to play at the coffee shop beside Rogers Hall you know the one beside the-“ “ Yes the Humanities building, I know where it is, My dorm’s in Roger and I go to that shop everyday.”  “Awesome! So can we meet today?” Asked the musician just a bit more hopeful that he should have. Damn it –dragon. Calm yourself. It’s a random guy sorta stalked you while you were playing. And besides it’s not a date, nor will he see you and he won’t even talk to you. He just needs his book back. “Sure um… at what time will you play?” asked Colin nervously “Well I’m going to be there since 5, ‘cause I have to set up, but I’ll start playing from 6 till 7.” So you just get there. Bradley laughed awkwardly. “Ok then. I was going to the shop today anyways, so I guess I’ll see you there.” Said Colin with a grin and with huge butterflies in his stomach. Not butterflies… pterodactyl like butterflies. “Awesome! See you there.” ~click~

As soon as he heard the click, Colin started to sweat; his heart went at a thousand miles an hours. Why am I so nervous? It’s just to pick up a book and them I’m going to drink coffee in the shop… the same shop Bradley will play for an hour, but I won’t be looking at Bradley. I’ll be with Rachel. With Rachel. Rachel… As soon as he thought of Rachel, he started to write a text her.


As she wishes she would have to stay sleeping in her bed as she tries not to fall asleep in her lit class with the infamous Dr.E. Rachel feels her iPhone vibrate and answers to do something in class

Colin: Omg. SxyDragon just called me! He wants to meet up with me @ the shop TODAY. What   should I do?

Rachel almost flips when she reads her and almost squeals out loud. She knew Bradley from their chem and math class last year. In her opinion, Bradley looked like a nice guy.  She’s seen him tons of time out of campus. He had that musician type flair. And they had talked in a few occasions, where they talked about music, life, family and whatnot. Colin said she had a date with Bradley but she knew that was ~not~ a date. They left their chem test and went to the shop to rant about a test. That was all. And besides, she had a feeling about Bradley. And she wanted to pair Colin up with ~somebody~ and in these past few months it had been with Bradley. She just had a ~feeling~.

Rachel:  Omg! Omg! O.M.G.! When did THIS happen? And tbh, I hate this mofo class… Please tell me your class with this ancient creature was as boring as this one.  And since when did he has the codename SxyDragon. Why SxyDragon… unless you fancy him. Do you?

Colin: Shut up. Ok. Idk other codename? Legs? Magicfingers? APD?      Idk.

Rachel: Forget about a codename… and APD sounds cool. Is it because Pendragon sounds like Arthur Pendragon, seriously… you need to get your arse out of those Arthurian Legends.  lol it sounds like a name of a show or something. Anywhoooo what is THIS all about? You must spill. NOW!

Colin: Well… Last week I was feeling … not well… and I went to the music building. I was thinking of playing something in a random piano, to shake the stress from the midterms. And while I was looking for a practice room, I saw him… playing. Guitar.

Rachel: Guitar huh? Sexy… and Piano? Seriously, you play piano?

Colin: Some best friend I have. I told you that on the second day we met. >_>

Rachel: Right… sorry ^_^’’ for that I’ll pay you a shot tonight.

Colin: Again with the false promises? So you are going with me tonight? You don’t want to do your Romeo and Juliet paper. I know you don’t. And I don’t want to do my Hamlet one. So… we are going.

Colin: Please please please please don’t leave meeee. (Singing Pink’s song)

Rachel: If you please don’t sing. I’ll go… you may think you are a hit away for a grammy, but remember hun… you don’t sing. That’s why you play(ed) piano.  Who knows? Maybe Bradley can give you some “voice lessons”

 Colin: You stupid ass… I’ll be there at 5:30. He sings at 6. Call me when you get there!

            Walking to his dorm, praying to a higher force that Lance isn’t sleeping or doing who knows what in their dorm he thinks about the things he know about Bradley. For once, he knows that he has something to look forward to. He doesn’t normally have plans, they just stay the same: wake up, breakfast (if there’s food/leftovers, but mostly one big cup of black coffee), classes in the morning, lunch, classes, procrastinate homework by reading in the shop, dorm, shower/dinner, do/try to do some homework or study, then crash in the bed. But today, the routine was broken thank God! I couldn’t be able to do the same thing every day… even though technically it’s the “same time” ‘cause I’m going to the shop after college… right? Right. BUT it wasn’t the same since I don’t have homework, or tests (since midterms were last week) so I can indulge in going to the shop and may be have a few drinks with Rachel… Yeah. Sounds like a good plan. He arrives at his dorm number 3A, opens the door and success! No dorm-mate. He smiles as Colin starts getting ready for the evening.

Let’s Chat Over Coffee

A new project I’m working on. A Short Story with an aspiring guitar player, amateur conductor and a Literature Major with a troublesome past in piano playing. Any names that may refer to any celebrities are purely coincidental.


Chapter One

The tinkering, chattering, and random yelling engulfed the coffee house as the perky blonde cashier gave an unknowing smile to the lanky, pale, and misanthropic Lit major. Tired of waiting for his large cup of black coffee from the coffee house similar as that famous green lady from Seattle, he walks over a free table and opens his MacBook, plugs in his headphones and just before he can hit play, a screeching cry from the blonde cashier calling his name, summoning him for his coffee. He glares at her, picks up the coffee, ponders on the chair, and blasts “The New Year” by Death Cab for Cutie as he opens To Kill a Mockingbird to read it for the thousandth time.

Finally pleased that the lunch hour madness was behind him and he could read his precious book in peace, as he hears the doors open and he watches Bradley Pendragon enters the shop, and Colin dreads the next hours of his life, since Bradley goes to the shop almost every day as Colin. Colin rolls his eyes meanwhile Bradley yells at his mate Eoin, tackling each other as they walked toward the cashier who miserably failed at taking their order. As they wait for their coffee, Bradley and Eoin scope the room for new “future wives.” Bradley plays along as Eoin’s wingman while Colin watches in silence, judging them as Eoin tries to woo three college girls’ two tables ahead. For an instant Colin’s eyes meet with Bradley’s, and Bradley swears he knows him from somewhere.

After getting their coffee, Eoin and Bradley sit at a table and try to study for their lit midterm. As the hours run by, the coffeehouse dwindles except for the college students, and the blonde cashier stops trying to get Bradley’s attention. Bradley and Eoin express their hatred to toward Dr. Ellis, “the old Gaelic fart that could win an award for making literature even more boring than it already is.” Colin listens to their lament while sipping his third coffee and taking a bite of his peanut butter-filled bagel; he smirks, knowing that they wouldn’t last a day as Lit majors. He thinks of Bradley’s and how he can be a social butterfly but when it comes to literature, he won’t survive even if he had to define and analyze what an iambic pentameter at the sake of his life. He finishes his bagel and thinks that even though he doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box, Eoin looks pretty hot. At the same time, he sort of loathes him for his amazing, swooshy hair. For what seemed like an eternity (but was actually closer to 30 seconds) he stares at man in front of him and his big blue eyes. For some reason his heart feels like it’s going to burst, his hands get sweaty and suddenly he needs to reach for his inhaler from he’s, for all the air in the world vanished and he can’t breathe. Trying to change his mind he starts to read his 30-page review, which he downloaded and printed, directly from Spark Notes and thinks why the hell Ellis gives this class. If only Prof. Torres gave all his lit classes…. If only…

Wandering aimlessly around campus, Colin arrives at the College of Music. In disbelief on how and why the hell he got there, he enters the building in search of a room with A.C. After walking down endless halls and nearly dying from an asthma attack after scaling the never-ending stairs, he reaches the practice room hallway. The rooms remind him of his middle school years, when his mum enrolled him in piano lessons for 6 years. Even though he was good at it, it wasn’t his passion and he was too much of a perfectionist to enjoy spending 5 hours every day in front of a piano. He preferred spending that time in front of his MacBook, watching his favorite shows while eating Jiff’s peanut butter and procrastinating.  Of course looking back, Colin figures that nothing has changed; he is the same procrastinating perfectionist from middle and high school, only that he doesn’t play the piano anymore.  He turned left at the end of the hallway and he saw a familiar skinny, slightly muscular blonde man. When he checked the cubicle, he noticed it was Bradley tuning a guitar. Colin’s bag crashed on the ground and observed in disbelief as Bradley place Albeniz’s “Asturias” on the stand.  Colin thought there was no way Bradley was that good until Bradley started to play.Bradley’s fingers moved on the guitar, and Colin stared in awe. After the first quarter of the piece, he heard Bradley curse; he had started playing without warming up. While he played the C major scale at 4 octaves, Bradley suddenly stopped and caught Colin staring at him opened-mouthed and Bradley glared at Colin; he hated when people watched him practice since in his perfectionist mind everything he played is not up par. Colin got the memo and picked up his bag, mouthed “sorry,” and almost ran away from the room and the building as if it had the deadliest disease known to man. Running away Colin’s mind races, his hands get sweaty again, as he tries to run from the music building with an incredulous face, thinking that Bradley can’t be a musician.  He can’t! He can’t play… and especially not guitar! Why a guitar for God’s sake! Why couldn’t it be piano? At least if it were a piano, Colin knew he would be better than Bradley. Why? Why couldn’t he be an engineering major? A nurse? Doctor? Why am I thinking of him anyways? Why is he so important for some reason? As Colin mind races, Bradley walked to the door, opens it, and finds Colin’s copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird” on the ground. He opened the book and saw Colin’s number. He gazed at the empty hallway thinking, who the hell is this guy?

Asturias Video:


After Hell Week students finally get out of the library and dorms, and kill their already dead brain cells with alcohol. Colin goes to the local pub, orders a pint and some chips, and goes to the most secluded corner where he dropped his bag and takes out his limited-edition copy of “Les Misérables.” The book is in French, obviously, because in Colin’s mind a book should always be read in its language of origin. Translations suck and they can’t truly convey what the author wants.  As he turns the pages, pondering whether he should reread the book entirely or just read his favorite chapters, he watches his favorite Linguistic/Psychology major Rachel Trying to make her way through the crowd that was leaving the pub. However, at only 5’3’’ she failed miserably at trying to intimidate people to let her walk inside. Even though she didn’t have a model figure, she was astonishingly beautiful and had the brains to match it, her height being her only “flaw”. Colin didn’t understand why she was always single. She was a total catch! Colin thought as the girl approached Colin, he placed the book carefully on the table at a safe distance from his beer.

“OI, Cols! What’s up? Did you fail all those papers you had to write? Buy me a drink or I’ll tell everybody about Halloween and that you looked like Gaga, but instead you wanted to dress up like Merlin!
“HEY SMITH… calm your tits! I’ll get you a drink soon; first tell me about your midterms. And when are ~you~ going to buy ~me~ some drinks? You are a cash cow. Your dad is freaking rich! Just buy me booze every now and then, hell it could be in Thirsty Thursday!  Besides, you know that you drink like a sailor and I can get drunk easily. You won’t break the bank if you buy me a couple of Heineken, you know?” said Colin, lips curled as he drank the last of his beer and almost dropped the bottle in an attempt to be cool.

“Oh shut it! One of these days I’m gonna take you out and make you drink shots!” she replied with a smirk and

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you keep telling me that, but have I heard the date for this activity? ‘Cause you know that I haven’t.”

“Anyway,” said Rachel, “how’s your new guy friend? Or should I say guy-who-you-stare-at-every-time-he-walks-into-Starbucks?”

“Oi, shut it, you hag!” warned Colin as he smiled, “it’s not MY fault I’m in the shop everyday he goes there. I’m a lit major I need a place to crash when I’m reading, you know how Lance is; I can’t read anything in the dorm!

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say,” said Rachel. “And besides, isn’t that your type?  Prat musicians with whom you can fight but also debate whether Gaga is the new God? And if I know that you wouldn’t (sorta) fancied him, if I didn’t took that chem class with him last-

“I loathe you, Rachel Smith. I. Loathe. You.”


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