Let’s Chat Over Coffee (Chapter 2)

Second Chapter of the short story “Let’s Chat Over Coffee”

For the first Chapter go here: http://theartofmusicalpoetry.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/lets-chat-over-coffee/


Chapter Two

~ I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,

                I put my hands up.

                I’ll do everything different,

                I’ll be better to you,

    I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,

                I put my hands up.

                I’ll do everything different,

                I’ll be better to you~

Abruptly ending Colin’s sleep, Adele’s “I’ll be waiting” blasts from his blackberry. He wakes up; hating the universe as he would normally does but a thousand times greater since Adele interrupted a pretty darn good dream. He goes to a the shop with Rachel and as they talk about their classes suddenly that Bradley Pendragon walks up to a chair in a corner of the shop, with a gray Rainsong acoustic-electric studio guitar as he sang “Teenage Dream”, “It will rain”, “Shiver” (which Bradley may or may not have sang that to me, since he was looking at me for the whole time, making me flail and spaz like a kindergartener while Rachel laughed at my socially inept-ness) and every song known to man that may be in a romantic comedy.

Walking to the kitchenette to brew some coffee, Colin hits his toe with the corner of his bed, “YOU MOTHER…- “You seem in a good mood today, huh Cols?”  Said Lance, shirtless in his sweats as he drank his coffee observing Colin carefully as he found Colin’s morning mood hilarious. “Shut up Lance, just because you’re a morning person, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it to the whole universe.” Spat Colin. “And just because you hate humanity doesn’t mean you have to ruin my morning and just before I go to do my morning jog. You need to get laid more often. When you get laid, you wake up happy.” Smirked Lance as he calculated his backlash to Colin’s possible insult. “Just… shut up, ok. Give me my coffee. I didn’t get much sleep, that’s all”“You say that every day. You need to stop, you know? That internet addiction will kill you someday.” Said Lance as he washed his coffee mug and grabbed his shirt, put it on and as he reached for the door he stopped and looked over to Colin “You seriously need to get laid. See you Cols!” He went out and closed the door just in time as Colin’s black converse hit the door. “I need more coffee…” said Colin sleepily as he smiled thinking back on his dream. “Why am I thinking of that Bradley so much?”

After his surprisingly fun class with Dr. E., Colin felt his cellphone vibrate. Just as he was looking at the unknown number, he waved to Rachel, who ran to the classroom beside Colin’s cursing “Ergh! I woke up late! Hey, can we meet up in the shop today? I need to get my coffee on! TEXT ME!”  Before Colin could tell Rachel yes, she was already sitting in the middle of the classroom. As he felt his blackberry vibrate for the thousand time, he answered the phone “Finally you picked up cel! Hey It’s Bradley Pendragon, the guy you were staring in the music building and the guy you sometimes stare at in the coffee shop.” “Um… Hi? And what do you mean I stare at you at the shop? And how the hell did you get my number?” Said Colin. “You think I don’t notice. Anyways, you left your book here. It’s called something of a bird? I don’t have it with me- “YES my “To Kill a mockingbird” How did you get it?  Said Colin in shock that he his favorite book was in the hands of somebody else that wasn’t him especially ~his~ hands. “Apparently you dropped it, when you were stalking me…” Said the musician.


“Look, I wasn’t stalking you. And how can we meet up. I need that book.” Demanded the nervous English major who was beside the wall in disbelief of who he was talking to.  “Well today I’m going to play at the coffee shop beside Rogers Hall you know the one beside the-“ “ Yes the Humanities building, I know where it is, My dorm’s in Roger and I go to that shop everyday.”  “Awesome! So can we meet today?” Asked the musician just a bit more hopeful that he should have. Damn it –dragon. Calm yourself. It’s a random guy sorta stalked you while you were playing. And besides it’s not a date, nor will he see you and he won’t even talk to you. He just needs his book back. “Sure um… at what time will you play?” asked Colin nervously “Well I’m going to be there since 5, ‘cause I have to set up, but I’ll start playing from 6 till 7.” So you just get there. Bradley laughed awkwardly. “Ok then. I was going to the shop today anyways, so I guess I’ll see you there.” Said Colin with a grin and with huge butterflies in his stomach. Not butterflies… pterodactyl like butterflies. “Awesome! See you there.” ~click~

As soon as he heard the click, Colin started to sweat; his heart went at a thousand miles an hours. Why am I so nervous? It’s just to pick up a book and them I’m going to drink coffee in the shop… the same shop Bradley will play for an hour, but I won’t be looking at Bradley. I’ll be with Rachel. With Rachel. Rachel… As soon as he thought of Rachel, he started to write a text her.


As she wishes she would have to stay sleeping in her bed as she tries not to fall asleep in her lit class with the infamous Dr.E. Rachel feels her iPhone vibrate and answers to do something in class

Colin: Omg. SxyDragon just called me! He wants to meet up with me @ the shop TODAY. What   should I do?

Rachel almost flips when she reads her and almost squeals out loud. She knew Bradley from their chem and math class last year. In her opinion, Bradley looked like a nice guy.  She’s seen him tons of time out of campus. He had that musician type flair. And they had talked in a few occasions, where they talked about music, life, family and whatnot. Colin said she had a date with Bradley but she knew that was ~not~ a date. They left their chem test and went to the shop to rant about a test. That was all. And besides, she had a feeling about Bradley. And she wanted to pair Colin up with ~somebody~ and in these past few months it had been with Bradley. She just had a ~feeling~.

Rachel:  Omg! Omg! O.M.G.! When did THIS happen? And tbh, I hate this mofo class… Please tell me your class with this ancient creature was as boring as this one.  And since when did he has the codename SxyDragon. Why SxyDragon… unless you fancy him. Do you?

Colin: Shut up. Ok. Idk other codename? Legs? Magicfingers? APD?      Idk.

Rachel: Forget about a codename… and APD sounds cool. Is it because Pendragon sounds like Arthur Pendragon, seriously… you need to get your arse out of those Arthurian Legends.  lol it sounds like a name of a show or something. Anywhoooo what is THIS all about? You must spill. NOW!

Colin: Well… Last week I was feeling … not well… and I went to the music building. I was thinking of playing something in a random piano, to shake the stress from the midterms. And while I was looking for a practice room, I saw him… playing. Guitar.

Rachel: Guitar huh? Sexy… and Piano? Seriously, you play piano?

Colin: Some best friend I have. I told you that on the second day we met. >_>

Rachel: Right… sorry ^_^’’ for that I’ll pay you a shot tonight.

Colin: Again with the false promises? So you are going with me tonight? You don’t want to do your Romeo and Juliet paper. I know you don’t. And I don’t want to do my Hamlet one. So… we are going.

Colin: Please please please please don’t leave meeee. (Singing Pink’s song)

Rachel: If you please don’t sing. I’ll go… you may think you are a hit away for a grammy, but remember hun… you don’t sing. That’s why you play(ed) piano.  Who knows? Maybe Bradley can give you some “voice lessons”

 Colin: You stupid ass… I’ll be there at 5:30. He sings at 6. Call me when you get there!

            Walking to his dorm, praying to a higher force that Lance isn’t sleeping or doing who knows what in their dorm he thinks about the things he know about Bradley. For once, he knows that he has something to look forward to. He doesn’t normally have plans, they just stay the same: wake up, breakfast (if there’s food/leftovers, but mostly one big cup of black coffee), classes in the morning, lunch, classes, procrastinate homework by reading in the shop, dorm, shower/dinner, do/try to do some homework or study, then crash in the bed. But today, the routine was broken thank God! I couldn’t be able to do the same thing every day… even though technically it’s the “same time” ‘cause I’m going to the shop after college… right? Right. BUT it wasn’t the same since I don’t have homework, or tests (since midterms were last week) so I can indulge in going to the shop and may be have a few drinks with Rachel… Yeah. Sounds like a good plan. He arrives at his dorm number 3A, opens the door and success! No dorm-mate. He smiles as Colin starts getting ready for the evening.

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