Briser mon cœur

Break my heart
Shatter my smile
Make me feel
as if I was another lad
Shut me down
Make me cry
Shatter my soul
To see if I survive
Knock on my door
To shut it back again
Leave me to die
In this miserable place
Exile me
Make me numb
Shatter the dreams
of you and I
What if I want you?
But you decide to quit
After all these amazing days
After all those “I will make you stay”
Eradicate my existence
Destroy my soul
For once you’re gone
I’ll be gone for good

One thought on “Briser mon cœur

  1. Oh well, I read the poem twice…..Imma tell you something happened to me before.

    Once upon a time there was a girl who felt in love….and sometimes she used to write very nice poems from the soul. She felt that anybody could love her anymore, but instead she found herself in love and loved. She was afraid that the world spit in her face and tell her words and names. But she wasn’t able to let go that love and she kept on going walking and walking. She let go many things for love and the experiences she found with her other half were the best of the things that happened in her life. Sometimes she asked herself, What if? but yet she smile and scream out: “I’m in love and no one can change that!”….

    [[ Is a true story…and I can tell ]]

    Sometimes love is in front of us and we have the need to face it back, let go of things to share our half to that other that sometimes is waiting for us to choose to life instead of routine.

    With lots of love, from Me to You Jose A.


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