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Autumn Rain

Eleventh month of the year, on the 29th day. Armagh, Ireland. Just another normal day, windy and rainy as hell, gazing at the window, thinking of the lessons to come at the Gate Theater. As the flickering light from the living room lamp dies, I turn to the hope that the sun will come out to help me trough my day. Time slowly dies as I wait for the rain to stop, just to see if I can tread into the wild that is my little town of Dublin. I leapt over the hideous brick red sofa, that old coffee table with last Month “Dublin Arts Now” and opened the front door in frenzy. As I stood at the door, the cold autumn winds embraced my pale skin and hear the rain. Without thinking I grab my bag and run to the theater passing through Thomas Street and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, turned left to the Grattan Bridge. The bridge where I would observe the stripped gold and silver fish that swam as a ballerina in the “Sugar plum fairy”, calling him Billy.

Running until I reach the theater, trying to breathe as the oxygen burned trough my lungs like my first time drinking 50-year-old whiskey with Brad after midterms last year. Gasping for air, Eoin and Brad scare me while asking me: What I did last night? Silently slumping as I tell them that nothing happened, they started talking about their latest conquests. While their conversation turned to what we did last Friday I the tavern I put on my brightest and fakest smile and laughs, quickly turning to my position on the stage as the professor enters the room. As I shove Eion to stop pestering me a waterfall of emotions crash on me, for little did they know that last night I was thrown out after I tried to commit suicide for everything they hate I am…

Slowly dies…

Scanning through last year’s paper
Moments pass
Moments will renew
As the clock dies slowly consumed by fire.

Around the table we go
Back and forth as the wind goes
I sit in disbelief to this day
That what happened came true
This is only a memory
That will soon pass too
As the clock dies slowly consumed by fire

Melodies arise from the silent pages
Moments that passed
Moments will come
Closing my eyes, as the currents embrace my soul
As the clock regrets stopping for the moment…

It happened,
It passed,
Here I lie in denial
Every tear is a waterfall
Ever fear a grain of sand
Listen to the emotion’s lament and turmoil
Just sitting here, waiting for the moment to pass
As the clock slowly dies consumed by tears

José Clavell Acosta

The pursuit of Happiness

You have to wake up sooner if not you’re gonna miss your classes.
Get my coffee and try to survive another day
Sit down on a chair and speak of God
Run a marathon: “Don’t walk so much ‘cause you’ll get sick”
No te mojes porque te da asma
Llévate la sombrilla porque va a llover
Even if you study music, do something that makes money.
You have to do something in your life that makes you happy
Go on and sit and listen to a professor talk some more
Remember you have to get good grades if not you’re not going to get a job.
Cuidado con los tresillos, que los quieren cuadrar!!
Why do you want to study abroad for Choral Conducting when you can do that here without a Master’s?
Molto legato e cantabile
“Dale no querías ser director coral! Dale que Rubén dijo que tu ibas a dirigir”
It’s your last semester make it count!
No bajes el promedio pero no te exigo que seas estudiante de A!
Did you get your grades for the tests?!
Just try to be happy with what you do…
Just trying to pursue my happiness…

By: José A. Clavell Acosta®

1.Vocalizing Exercise
2.Sing the notes as they were one & as if it were a song.

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