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Autumn Rain

Eleventh month of the year, on the 29th day. Armagh, Ireland. Just another normal day, windy and rainy as hell, gazing at the window, thinking of the lessons to come at the Gate Theater. As the flickering light from the living room lamp dies, I turn to the hope that the sun will come out […]

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Slowly dies…

Scanning through last year’s paper Moments pass Moments will renew As the clock dies slowly consumed by fire. Around the table we go Back and forth as the wind goes I sit in disbelief to this day That what happened came true This is only a memory That will soon pass too As the clock […]

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The pursuit of Happiness

Monday… You have to wake up sooner if not you’re gonna miss your classes. Get my coffee and try to survive another day Sit down on a chair and speak of God Run a marathon: “Don’t walk so much ‘cause you’ll get sick” No te mojes porque te da asma Llévate la sombrilla porque va […]

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