Art is Absolute

Art has no aim; it is aim itself; it is the absolute because it is a reflection of the Absolute- the Soul. And since it is absolute, it cannot serve an idea, it is dominant, it is the source from which all life comes. 

Art stands above life; penetrates the essence of the universe; reads to the ordinary man a secret, runic writing; interprets all that exists from one eternity to another; it knows neither limits nor laws; it knows only the duration and power of the soul; it binds men’s soul to the soul of the universal nature and considers the soul of the individual as a phenomenon of that other soul” 

by: Stanislaw Prybyzewski, in “Confiteor” in Zycie (Life), January 1, 1899

Untold Stories

Emotion into words

Emotion into words


“Y si, estás lejos. No es que no te tenga porque nada es realmente mío. Yo soy de apreciar las cosas, de encontrarle sentido o dárselo si no lo tienen. Ahora que estás lejos, sólo me queda contemplarte… Y sí, estás lejos. ¿Qué importa si lo estás? De esa manera, rodeas también mi vida, a una órbita mayor por supuesto, ¿pero qué importa? Pues de esa manera te conviertes en mi paisaje. Y es así como llego amar a tu ausencia.”

“And yes, you’re far away. It’s not that I don’t have you because nothing is really mine.  I’m one who appreciates things, to find sense in something and give to give sense if it doesn’t have it. Now that you’re far away, I can only contemplate you… And yes, you’re far away. And what does it matter if you are? In that way, you sorround my life, at a bigger orbit, of course; but should it matter? In this way you are my scenery.  And that is how I am loving your absence.”


By: J. Porcupine
Translation: Jose Clavell


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