School’s out for the summer! (not really)

  As the song entails, school is officially over. But, not really.  As the end of the semester windles down, I decided to take the nerdy way out and register in a summer course. This semester has ben a hectic one. I’ve had a lot of stress, mostly papers to write, concerts, and not to […]

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Art is Absolute

Art has no aim; it is aim itself; it is the absolute because it is a reflection of the Absolute- the Soul. And since it is absolute, it cannot serve an idea, it is dominant, it is the source from which all life comes.  Art stands above life; penetrates the essence of the universe; reads […]

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A metaphor is the omnipresent principle of language… Thought is metaphoric, and proceeds by comparison, and the metaphors of language derive from them – Richards

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