My first experience in #CIIA2018

I honestly thought that these things would be a waste of time. It’s probably because I’m a second career Spanish teacher. Music is first, so I always go to ICDA (Iowa Choral Conductors Association) instead or I just simply saved my money and go to Puerto Rico to see my family. This year has been different. Way different.

This year, as I may have mentioned in a previous entry, my friend Surprisingly Spanish suggested that since I have been dabbling in the arts of Comprehensible input, that I should go to CIIA or Comprehensible Iowa this past weekend. I was surprised. Very surprised. In a very good way.

I like that CIIA is made for teachers by teachers. They talked to us in a very real way that was not what you sometimes experience in these types of conferences. Everything was directly “from a classroom” and how “it has worked in a class” and “how it can be better”. I also enjoyed that there were moments where you truly can reflect. Ergo, Laurie Clarq, the keynote speaker. which took us back to basics. Her 3 rules in a classroom: a) one person talks, everybody listens, b) listening with the intent to understand, and c) self-control as a necessary skill where not groundbreaking at all, but it reminded (at least me) that if I want a positive culture and community these need to be part of my expectations and priorities in my class.

41wvjgctxvl-_sx331_bo1204203200_I went to 3 of Laurie’s sessions which were amazing. I also went to Sam Finneseth’s Heritage students in a CI classroom. I loved this presentation. I believe that it was very real as mostly her reflections on the past school year as a Spanish teacher for Heritage students. As a native speaker, I hear constantly that these students should not be in a Spanish classroom. While I had this mentality during my first year of teaching, I was able to create a Heritage class at my school and I could see what was Finneseth’s thought process. I do know that we NEED an active NEED in our state and nation in how to help these types of students. I already have my book by Mike Peto to help me for this next school year. I also had a lot of people asking me what I actively do with my 8th graders when it comes to curriculum, which that will be a post in the near future.

In all, I believe that CIIA is a great resource in our state and midwest area for teachers who actively teach with the CI methodology, but also for newbie teachers like myself in helping us get acclimated to this CI world.

I am excited and looking forward to next year’s CIIA and Iowa’s and Midwest professional opportunities!


Soñé contigo sonriendo sin cesar
Sin ningún problema
Solos en paz
Soñé contigo, felices estábamos
lejos de aquí, por fin en nuestro hogar
Soñé de ti,
de tu y yo
soñé y soñé y soñaré sin cesar
este sueño se hará realidad
porque no cesaré hasta lograrlo
porque juntos venceremos,
y juntos triunfaremos
Soñé de las noches
que lloré por ti
porque no estabas aquí
porque no estaba allí
porque la distancia están bastarda
que nos quita el sueño,
la paz,
la calma
y con solo un beso…
un beso, me falta
Soñé de ti
solo… en la obscuridad
con el pasado, tratando de escapar
y aquí estaba,
pidiendo, rogando,
vendiéndole el alma al diablo
para poder calmarte,
para poder cubrirte,
y poder quitarte todo lo que sientes
para padecerlo yo….
y no tú
Soñé de tus caricias,
Soñé de tu y de lo perfecto que eres
aunque tu digas lo contrario….
Soñé de tí,
Soñé de mí
de que somos tan y para el cual,
aunque pelemos, aunque cometa errores,
aunque sepamos que no somos perfectos
pero en esa imperfección somos uno
porque siempre te he buscado y tú a mi
y por fin…
estamos juntos
Soñé de nosotros
Soñé de nuestro futuro
que aunque ahora se vea lejos, el tiempo avanzará
y tendremos lo que queremos….
nuestro hogar
nuestra compañía
nuestro amor
Soñé de nosotros
Soñé de nosotros riendo sin cesar
Con problemas, pero luchando juntos
En paz
Soñé contigo, felices estábamos
lejos de aquí, por fin en nuestro hogar….