I write with tears with pain with sorrow forlornly I record ecstatically melodramatically lovingly sentimentally exuberantly inamorato your skin I compile your mouth your pearls, and diamonds -as they fall- broaching them softly…. I pencil the future the past the sighs your sight our love your lips my embrace your semblance I compose in you […]

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Only… Only the darkness knows my plight Only the darkness knows my sorrow and the times I’ve cried Only the night knows my cuts my bruises my scars the dark holes in my eyes my paling skin Only the darkness knows my solitude Only the darkness understands that won’t see the light… Only my body […]

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Whispers of Heavenly Death

WHISPERS of heavenly death, murmur’d I hear; Labial gossip of night—sibilant chorals; Footsteps gently ascending—mystical breezes, wafted soft and low; Ripples of unseen rivers—tides of a current, flowing, forever flowing; (Or is it the plashing of tears? the measureless waters of human tears?) 5 I see, just see, skyward, great cloud-masses; Mournfully, slowly they roll, […]

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