Trickle down my spine Show me who you are Walk through the path and Light up my world tonight Arpeggios percolate through the air shimmering, twinkling, and larking a simple melody beckons and casts back my soul My face glimmers snow cascades turn back and smile away…

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Lead me where the skies, soul & body meet Where pastures grazed with dew caress my feet the vicinity where doubts, anxiety & plights are reaped Show me the locale where honeysuckles bloom, where Valhalla provides wine, food, and bounty a plenty where peace dwells, and love glistens Reveal to me the path of least […]

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Let’s Chat Over Coffee Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven                  On a cold December night, Colin clutched his pillow, shut his eyes hard so that he could fall asleep and forget. Rustling in his bed, the only thing that “I’m sorry… I’m sorry it was my fault… I’m sorry” …It was so easy… It just came to me. The Piano… Music… Happiness… […]

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