Let’s Chat Over Coffee- Chapter 8 (a)

Chapter Eight                  “I can’t do this…” Said Bradley throwing the sheet music to the floor. “Why didn’t I study business or psychology?!”. Picking up his iPhone, he looked at the picture he took with Colin that day they went on their “brodate” to the coffeeshop. “I wonder what he’s doing right now… Maybe he’s […]

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Let’s Chat Over Coffee Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven                  On a cold December night, Colin clutched his pillow, shut his eyes hard so that he could fall asleep and forget. Rustling in his bed, the only thing that “I’m sorry… I’m sorry it was my fault… I’m sorry” …It was so easy… It just came to me. The Piano… Music… Happiness… […]

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Let’s Chat Over Coffee- Chapter 6

Chapter Six                  So was this you trying to impress me? By tripping on the carpet. By the way that cinnamon dolce latte is really good. It might be a new favorite. It might be. Said Colin smirking. Oh shut it. I did not trip. As I told you the Earth rotated against my will. […]

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