Lead me where the skies, soul & body meet Where pastures grazed with dew caress my feet the vicinity where doubts, anxiety & plights are reaped Show me the locale where honeysuckles bloom, where Valhalla provides wine, food, and bounty a plenty where peace dwells, and love glistens Reveal to me the path of least […]

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Over the world

Precariously I walk Chills down my spine In this chapter -unsure- Will it open before the close? Dubiously the road quickens Running as I try to feel the labyrinth inside my chest unravels slowly Foreseeable this may be this feeling inside me I can see the doors Will you stay as I unclose? Fluctuating as conditions […]

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Our Silent Night

Crystal clear sky Moon shining high From a window, I can see everything we have, everything we can be… In a distant land, they’ve told me A mother holds her treasure uncomfortable from the cold warmed by her faithful companion wishing to give something more… …A wanderer stops, searching for heat Boys and girls wait […]

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