Treading at hand…

Treading alone through the valley of roses

Traveling alone with the moon in my hand

Breaking the silence with a lonely whisper

Treading home with the moon as my friend…


Walking slowly, but surely, to my destiny

Walking through the valley of daisies

Whispering that whisper that only nobody listens

Whispering that whisper for you


Silence sometimes is the greatest music

Silence sometimes is the worst of friends

Silence is silent at the voice of your whisper

Silence is silent for you


Walking with the moonlight

Faint as whisper

As the roses fall on the landscape in the fall

A rush of thoughts came to mind

As I finally get to the destination at hand


So long ago it feels that the dream was dreamt

So long the travel commenced

Finally the travel has ended…

With you nonetheless

Thank you for being there for me

And help me find my way…


No longer alone

No longer shall the roses fall like the snow….

The moonlight shining brightly

As we go together to our destinies

Together at hand….

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