Darkness v. Light

Curtain call…
Hands on piano…
Baton at hand.

A Cm plays
Sound as water droplets fill the stage…
A progression of chords intertwine
An orchestra resurges like a phoenix from flames
A steady hand marks the tempo… as a conductor normally does…

“Molto legato e expresivo”
A life must be
“con passione e fortissimo”
One must live

Arpeggios and chords fill the space…
Filled with doubt and fear…
…of an uncertain future….
Memories remerge
As the orchestra quiets…
As a wave of emotions… in arpeggio form
The orchestra con forza reassures one destiny
Why do I do this?
Cause you live for it…
I’m not sure…
Yes you are.

Confusion dwells as the future emerges…
Plans come to shape and form
As one organize it
A clarinet… in the form of clarity reemerges
Arpeggios strike the heart… as a scale of hope.
Accents and dynamic a life is about
As the motif with variants fill up the sky…

Flash backs…
A life yet to come…
A life which has passed…
Many live for this
So why can’t I?
Apassionato e determinato
One must be…
If not life becomes… an unlived dream.
Beautiful is life…
As one may not see
A future is certain
A past it will be.

The winds plays an expressive line
Chords accompany it … just as you accompany me…

Where there is darkness..
There is Light….
Where there is light
There is hope
Where there is hope… there is life…
Thank you for breaking the darkness…
As the orchestra plays the final cadence…
The darkness is no more….

Molto legato e expresivo-> Very interlaced with expression.
Con Passione e fortissimo-> With passion and loudly.
Arpeggio-Notes of a chord played in succession, either ascending or descending.
Con forza-> With force.
Motif-> a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition.
Appasionato e determinato -> Passionate and determined.

One thought on “Darkness v. Light

  1. Simply put, this absolutely one of the best poems I have ever read by you. It is beautifully written and conveys my envision of you right down to the core. And that, my dear muwzik major, is precisely why I exhort you to take Creative Writing.


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