Dream On

Close your eyes and count to 10
All the bad dreams will go away
A warm sigh may come your way
Only if you count to 10
And if you count to nine
Oh my brother  will I
Smile and smile again
When we hug and shout in May
All the hard work will fade
And a new world will thrive
Into the dreams of today.
Close your eyes and count to eight
And if you remember
What we said in September
On fulfilling our dreams that’s true…
But only if you pursue
Fight and fight you’ll do
And yes you will do
Until you look back
And see us smile
Of all our dreams to keep
Of our smiles and weep’s
Into making what we saw that was so far away
And smile and smile we may….
Even when darkness consumes our day
Look up and say
“A new day will dawn
And I will keep on
Fighting for my dreams
Until they come true…”
With friends and colleagues
And with just the right push
We can conquer the world…

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