As I conduct the silence, music reurges….

While I walked down these stairs

I heard the sound of silence call

Pitch pipe on my hand

Portfolio on the other

I stand up to you

And stand toward my brothers


I smile and you laugh silently

As the room fall still

The pitch breaks the silence

As I stand still…

A triad sounds as I place the pitch on the stand

Wave my hands

And a melody resurges

As the phoenix from the ashes


The sound fills the chapel

My hands flicker round

I see him smile

Into the background

As I dictate the triplet

A piano and forte sound

I close it with a cadence

The 6th chord closes


I nod in acknowledgement

You smile in reply…

I stand in front

While applauds break the harmonies that were given

A memory,

As well as a career, and a passion

Has been born



José Angel Clavell Acosta

December 2010


About theartofmusicalpoetry

I'm Jose Clavell-Acosta. Director of music and Traditional Worship at Ankeny First United Methodist Church in the Greater Des Moines, Iowa area. I am a Western Illinois University & Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico alumni. I am a Choral Conductor, Spanish teacher, writer, foodie, corgi enthusiast, and a blogger. I currently serve as part of the social media, marketing and development team for the Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble in Des Moines, Iowa.

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