Alone in silence

Alone in silence I stand

All in front all dressed in black

The moon gazes at my hands

As a judge watches from behind…

A-screw the silence shatters

-As a ballerina shatters space-

While you shatter with it

Melodies for days

Alone in silence I stand

All in front dressed in white

As you gaze upon me

As I smile at the wind in the night sky

How the day has come

Dreams have I dreamed

Of this moment for many days, weeks and years

Alone in silence I stand

In front of me all in red

As we do what we love

On this day of all days

December I think it may

be the day of destiny

as I paint the melodies

in black, white and red

to all the audience away

As we dress the night

In the most amazing shade of gray…

José Angel Clavell Acosta

November 2010

About theartofmusicalpoetry

I'm Jose Clavell-Acosta. Director of music and Traditional Worship at Ankeny First United Methodist Church in the Greater Des Moines, Iowa area. I am a Western Illinois University & Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico alumni. I am a Choral Conductor, Spanish teacher, writer, foodie, corgi enthusiast, and a blogger. I currently serve as part of the social media, marketing and development team for the Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble in Des Moines, Iowa.

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