The Mind Controlling Media.

AOL Time Warner, Viacom, The Walt Disney Company, Vivendi Universal, and Sony are the media giants who rule our nation. Does it surprise you that these are the ones that control everything?  They control 25% of the US music sales, the entertainment Industry, and basically our society. Have you heard the lyrics that are in the top 20 of the Billboard charts? Most of these lyrics talk about mind control, war, suicide, secret societies, and demonic possession. What saddens me is that parents, the most important figures in children’s lives are permitting that they hear, buy, and “worship” artists such as Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Hanna Montana, among others. Today’s music, fashion, and propaganda have a great influence on society by shaping its opinions, molds its tastes to the point that its turning individuals into robots. But who noticed these effects in the first place?

In 1928, Edward Bernays (E.B), an American pioneer in public relations wrote “Propaganda” a book in which he stated that in order to assist clients, the public relations counselors use social psychology, sociology, among other sciences to fully understand society; thereby, they scientifically manipulate public opinion. I agree with Bernays when he stated  that those who control and manipulate society are an unseen government who are the true rulers of the world. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.” Propaganda by E.B. The unknown government knows which levers to pull and buttons to press, for they understand the mental process and social pattern of the masses what we buy, share, hear, and accept. What do you think of when the term “collective unconscious” comes into mind?

Founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung wrote on his most important and misunderstood book “The Concept of the Collective Unconscious” that “in addition to our immediate consciousness, there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical to all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually bit is inherited.”  This collective unconscious is what the media successfully manipulates and controls; thereby, controlling society itself. How does the media gain control? By constantly bombarding our subconscious with subliminal messages; the best case example is none other than the 9/11 incident and why everybody took for a fact that it was Iraq was the culprit and that it had weapons of mass destruction. Even though there are millions conspiracy theories, why did everybody blame Iraq? That unknown government, which consists of only a handful of people had manipulated the media so that the American society believed that said nation was the culprit. Another way of manipulating media is by using subliminal messages on T.V commercials, music and music videos.

Subliminal perception is one of the many techniques in which the media uses to control and subdue society. The concept of “subliminal perception” is attributed to US market researcher James Vicary in 1957 who said that to increase popcorn and Coca Cola consumption at the movies one must flash said messages on screen for a short time, a technique that the Cinema business still used today. Another technique is the famous “sex sells”. Although some sources claim that this is ineffective, there have been many studies that states that the use of this technique is used frequently and proves its effect if the message is a negative one.  Some examples are the word sex on axe bottles and on skittles bags; pictures of oral sex on Coca Cola ads; the world rats on ex-president’s Bush advertisement against Al Gore in 2000, among many others.  Another method and personal favorite is desensitization.

Desensitization is when a subject or a train of thought is not accepted by society and is slowly, gradually and repeated introduced in movies, music videos, or news. After many years of exposing the theme to the masses, the media exposes the concept and it is passively accepted. An example of this are today’s music videos and artists such as the rapper Jay-Z and his song “Run This Town”, Shakira’s “Give It Up to Me” and most of Lady Gaga’s songs such as “Telephone”, “Bad Romance”, and “Paparazzi” which all talk about mind control, civil wars, and demonic possession. The problem here is that parents do not pay attention to said lyrics and instead reinforce their children or teenagers to continue listening to the songs thus letting the younger generation think that the younger generation that what they see and hear is good for them. This is exactly what the media wants and gets.

As stated before, they are five media giants that rule the United States of America. As Confucius once said “Symbols rule the world, not words nor laws”, this is how the media controls society by using occult symbols or hidden messages on the radio, television, movies, newspapers, magazines, books,  video games, and the internet. Nobody likes the idea of being controlled by anyone, so we have to rebel against these monsters and fight. How? By not promoting the artist who are getting paid to spread the message and maybe create a better world without getting sucked on the media crazed and not doing what Shakira sings and “giving it all up to them”.

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