How to write an A+ research paper

I’m a College student in his 3rd undergraduate year and i got the brilliant idea that, since i like the English language so much I’d do a minor in it. This semester I’m taking the ENGL 224 class aka Grammar and Essay writing for English Majors and my professor is Dr. Montero (who has a PhD in  Linguistics and that ROCKS) and for the end of the semester I have to make a research paper on How the media plays a role in shaping the society’s opinion (when i read it i thought of the evil hanna montana [please kill her]) Here’s a link to “How to write an A+ Research Essay”


Comment on how you would do it

One thought on “How to write an A+ research paper

  1. Congrats on your first post 😀 And may I say that I am extra proud of you for choosing English as your minor. I think you are super-duper lucky to be taking classes with Dr. Montero and *gasps* surviving and still liking her ^_^ I think you have such a great topic and you could do so much with it o.o I’m definitely liking where you’re going with the Hannah idea lol xD


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