Ready? Set? Conduct!

And may the odds be ever in your favor. ” Said Effie Trinket in Suzanne Collins’s “The Hunger Games”. That’s how I basically feel. I’m starting my masters next week, and I have no idea how I should feel. Should I do a happy dance? Should I continue to run around (in my awesome apartment that I moved into) in circles? Should I continue to study for the GAE (Graduate Advisory Exams) I have on Saturday & Sunday? Should I start picking my outfit(s) for those first couple of days? I. don’t. know.  All I know is this (in points to be all professional like)

  1. I got accepted in to the Masters program.
  2. I moved into the apartment.
  3. Still settling in the apartment and this new chapter.

It’s mind twisting. I had a plan (as I always do). The plan didn’t work and a year after it’s here. It’s here in the most random and unexpected way. Ever. But it feels like something is missing.  A huge big part of “the plan” is missing. Something or someone is missing in this plan, this new chapter, etc. So this is leaving me… incomplete? Don’t get me wrong I am excited and in during the most random parts of everyday I do a quiet little happy dance (’cause when I dance, I dance like nobody’s watching. Hence, I look like a giraffe trying to ice skate.) But, I feel incomplete.


Also, I’m here in the apartment listening to “The killers”, and I have totally no idea in how this can turn out. This makes me really nervous (Yes. Me. Nervous) and excited at the same time. New people. New place. New things. Exactly what I wanted. I’ve been in Puerto Rico for 23 years, same people (Family & Friends), same buildings, and I needed a change. Boy, what a change it is. My sister and brother-in-law who very graciously helped me move in started teasing ’cause
“he’s living with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz”. This is a completely a 180 from where I lived! And I love it 100%. So what happens now? Will I crumble, crash & burn in the attempts of being America’s Next Top … Conductor? Will I be the sole survivor? (Too many Reality Show puns, I know). I can give you a correct (and accurate) response after my first semester as a Graduate Assistant for Choirs for Western Illinois University. (I still can’t get over the fact of that “title”. Look at me being all Grad School!”)

So get ready boys and girls. Lady and Gentleman! Just like Katniss in “The Hunger Games” I’m going to dust off my conductor’s baton. Going to get my choral literature ready (the little one I have) and may the odds be EVER in my favor! Ready? Set? CONDUCT?!

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