Un nouveau départ

This is the last post in the “Murmure dans le vent” series. Here, I shall expose the fourth & final movement of Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings in C Major. The order in the series is as follows: “Murmure dans le vent”, “Dance for me”, and “Faithfully Unfaithful” 

Chicago Skyline

We’ve been alone (for a long time)
We must leave each other
So we can find us anew
We shall embrace again after
Notre nouveau départ

Fly and fly we go
gliding through the stars
in the darkness we shall find light
as we did not long ago
shuffling with oars on our own

Let the broken pieces go…
Erase those who are naught
we can choose our kin
for all I have is you
and chose you I will always do

In the wind I shall find you
through bustle, rain, wind and tide

A silent entrance you entail
just like votre adieu silencieux
but you’ve always had the key…
Will you dance with me?

I’ll stay by your side
(even if from afar)
until the time comes
I’ll murmur to  the wind
the words that are true…

Pour vous

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