As I write in this piece of paper…

As I write on this sheet of paper

I feel as my life is twiddling ‘round

Moments come

Moments go

A moon under the sun

Makes an eclipse

While we loose our time

Watching it

As she looks at us from above


 To see you as you read on by

A chance of my mind

you take your time

While you read on out

You may sure find

That I have nothing to give

Nothing at all…


As I write on this sheet of paper

I wonder why

So many people dedicate to this job

As a musician, writer, songwriter, actor, teacher, tutor I know

What I know is true

Those who convey emotions on paper last a lifetime

Just ask those who we still read today


Society teaches us

That to read

To write

To sing

To laugh

Is wrong and it’s bad


Ask the next generation and be sure

That they will be lost

Depressed, helpless

Only to read from us

The fighters

And want to see what life would be

As we saw it

Through our lives


As I write on this sheet of paper

I see your smiling face

You look for hope and understanding

And I give you my grace

Not all is lost my dear friend

You will find your way

Just look outside

And you’ll find

Music is around you

Under the moonlight sun

Where you can

Smile and laugh

While you conduct your dream

Across the sky.


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