Not like this

Just another day, getting home from the uni. I open the door to the house and I walk to my room. Just as I lay my bag and books down they are summoning me. I put on my comfy clothes, since I knew this was going be longer than I suspect. As I reach to the table, I see her in a black blouse and jeans with black shoes, alongside her I see him with a blue shirt with white vertical lines, saggy jeans and worn black shoes that are ready to fall off. “As you may know what the problem is… he just told me that we have to relinquish what we didn’t want to relinquish” She said in a somber tone, bowing her head as her bangs cover her face. Only nodding in response, I sit quietly waiting for the verdict.

Knots fill my back as the sound of silence lurks its head. The staring contest begins as fire consumes me and I slam my hand on the espresso table and the centerpiece falls and the sound of water dripping serves as a backdrop to what nobody expected to hear.

“Don’t YOU have anything to say, you made this mess and you don’t give a damn, do you? You’re just waiting for her to solve all your problems again, aren’t you? After how many years? 40? 30? You are a lazy ass man, who doesn’t even deserve to have her? Every mess you make she just cleans it up for you and you never appreciate her, or even thank her for all that she’s done to you!” He just sits there in silence as I bark and scream, never looking at me… just at the espresso table as sobbing ensues around me-

The young man with black hair, approximately 5’9’’ breaks the silence: “What’s done, it’s done. We have to live with the consequence of the actions he committed. Everything will be all right just- (screaming at the top of my lungs) Why do you say that, YOUR life hasn’t been like mine?! Your life and hers (pointing to the 34 year old woman, eyes full of disbelief) doesn’t even compare to what I’ve lived through. You only visit once in a while, only when you actually give a shit. She visits almost everyday but I on the other hand, I am and always be the one whose stuck here in this situation! You say you will help but the reality is that you DON’T. You- “This wasn’t supposed to happen… this… this…” Said the 50-year-old woman. “I never thought this would happen to me… to us… where and what are we going to do? There is no place for us. This is the last place they can take… Why are they taking it? This wasn’t supposed to happen… Why?… Why? “Sobbing hysterically making everybody silent. The man with the blue shirt looks at us and just says “I’m sorry”. He stands up and leaves, turning on the TV. in the room beside us.


50-year old woman

34-year-old woman

Man with a blue shirt

Man with black hair

19-year-old man

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