Pandora’s Box

Crisp green pasture surrounds my silhouette
The Sun’s fingers roam through my gleaming silver mane
Pondering on the extracurricular that begins at 3 o’ clock
Talking with my trusty blue soldier
As from the wrath of the gods a box wildly appears from Zeus’ homeland
And I approach softly, my trusty stead in hand

Around Pandora’s box I go,
Caressing it softly with my tail
Contemplating the thought of opening the box,
Just to see what secrets it will unfold

Humble and gratefully the carcass lays
Silent and obedient
He now knows his place
As he silently confesses his every whim
Silver, Gold, Rubies and Amethyst contrast the emerald grass
Just like a pirate with its treasure
I cherish it as my own…

Screaming and shouting my name
I wake up from my treasure filled sleep,
Covered in the jewels I robbed
Showing no mercy as my masters shouts
I knock them down, I get on top of them
my deathly white daggers scrape their face
Whiplash fills their bodies
As I triumphantly waits for my next victims

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