The First Cup Award!

I am still in shock, but crissybwell nominated me to The First Cup award!!!  Ok. After actually (and very manly I should say) do a my own little happy dance. I will follow tradition (if there is one) and post my nominees for le Cup Award.

But first here are the *drumroll*


The First Cup Award is the simplest award to roll over, as it is not governed by the Internal Revenue Service’s Tax CodeThe Ultimate Handbook of CensorshipThe Rich and Powerful’s Rules for Dummies or any other source feigning authority over others except its own supreme yet admittedly unenforceable edicts to follow:

1. Copy these rules and this image to your award post,

2. Choose three (3) bloggers’ artistic works that could make you stop and ponder even if you’ve only finished your first cup of coffee, tea, juicer, alcohol or other beverage you normally partake of first thing in the morn,

3. Include links to these works in the award post and

4. Inform the artist of his or her wonderful award and supreme compliment to his/her artistic abilities…


And now the nominees:


  1. crissybwell – Not because she nominated me, but because she’s truly truly talented. I’ve reblogged her poems here on various occasions. You have such a way with words and you can write poetry about topics that I don’t even know how to compose myself.
  2. Writing of a Mrs – Her “storetries” (half poem half story) are amazing! Everytime I read one of her posts I feel renewed.
  3. Charlotte Hoather – Soprano. Beautiful voice and even though I just followed her recently, I love how she writes. Musicians unite!

One thought on “The First Cup Award!

  1. You are so kind and sweet. I love the “manly happy dance” comment…It is well deserved that you should get this. I truly enjoy your writings and words. You are far too kind, with the sweet things that you say about my words. I am very humbled. I am honored you find my words in such a way. 🙂


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