The year that never was: Reflection of this last year.

It’s May. Unfortunately this means that’s it has been a year since I graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University from Puerto Rico. In this year, which shall be named: “The year that never was.” has been a disaster in my professional life. Let’s review what the plans were:

  1. In January- May 2012 I was doing my “Práctica Docente” this was basically my Teaching Internship in a school in a nearby town, called Adjuntas. There I worked my prove that I had “what it takes” to be a music teacher/choral conductor in a high school.  
  2. In that same time frame I had my “Choral Conducting II: Advanced Conducting” where I had to conduct various (advanced) pieces” that had some sort of accompaniment. It was in this time where I had the opportunity to represent the island when we had our Spring Tour in New York & New Jersey. Some of the places where I conducted was in Saint Paul’s Cathedral in New York & Saint Joseph of the Palisades in New Jersey.
  3. In my last semester as a undergrad student I planned to go to France with my best friend to study French in La Sorbonne. The plan was go to take a student loan and go to France in June and come back mid-July.
  4. After I graduated, I had planned to start in August (2012) a Masters in Music (Performance) in Choral conducting. I had applied, and got accepted to Florida’s State University.
  5. (not really a fifth point but…) Be more independent. This is tightly in relation with the last post. I would be living in another place (with my best friend) and we both would start being independent and start our adult lives.

All of these were the expectations I had for the past year. In the next post I will reflect on what actually happened (aka. reality)

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