Heart racing
Palms sweating
Feet kicking
A final cadence plays
A bow that surely says
Time’s up
You’re up …

Moderator stands
Time’s up
No turning back
She introduces the song
Silence ensues
As a reminder of what I must do

Why am I so nervous?
It’s because you are there…
My friends and my family
And everybody I care for…

Legs flailing
My body shaking and I
Must stay cool and collected
It’s not my first time…

A head nod
He starts to play
Arpeggios fill the sky
As my body churns inside
Sighing and breathing slow
It’s all I’ve wanted so go
Share your talent with them
As God’s admiration he pushes
All my fears away

Piano e seguro de ti
I start to sing
Santa Cecilia
Don’t fail me now
I close my eyes
And start to express…

“Respiriamo insieme…”
I go silent
As the piano continues to play
The invisible violins, violas,
cellos and basses materialize

A forte plays on the violin “Protagonista del tuo amor
non se so sia magia o realta”
as the bel canto ensues
Expressing everything
the public looks at me
as I finish this amore melodía

Heart racing
Hands shaking
Palms sweating
Claps break the final chord
A smile on my face
A bow and present he who accompanied me in aria

All for you …
This night has been

José A. Clavell Acosta

i A sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.
ii Notes of a chord played in succession.
iii Patron Saint of Musicians.
iv “Cinema Paradiso (Se)” Lyrics written Ennio Morricone.
v Cinema Paradiso (Se) Lyrics written Ennio Morricone.
vi A lyrical style in singing
vii A group of notes that sound together.
viii A long, accompanied song.

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