Hello… again

I must be honest. I am such a music geek. I went to the Institute of Music Juan Morel Campos, if you don’t know who it is look it up (creator and mass Composer of the Puertorrican Danza) and all of the students left that know me were very happy to see me. And they started to ask how were things and asked me of  my plans for a Masters. I was shocked I think that they knew what I meant with the expression on my face and they only said Conducting and Composition RIGHT??? Wow. Why am I telling you this. BECAUSE ITS TRUE jaja anyways my point is today I was browsing on youtube and found this amazing little video of the Super Choir known as VocalEssence singing one of , world famous composer, Eric Whitacre’s Nox Aurumque.  This amazing piece is in latin and here’s the Translation:


Tarnished and dark,
Singing of night,
Singing of death,
Singing itself to sleep.
And an angel dreams of sunrise,
And war.

Tears of the ages.
O shield!
O gilded blade!
You are too heavy to carry,
Too heavy for flight.

Tarnished and weary,
Melt from weapon to wing!
Let us soar again,
High above this wall;
Angels reborn and rejoicing with wings made
Of dawn,
Of gold,
Of dream.

Singing of wings,
Singing of shadows.

If you are STILL curious to hear it AS YOU SHOULD  here is the youtube link!!!!


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