Mindful Monday & “Come to Me”

My Chancel Choir will perform “Come to Me” by Dan. Forrest for Ash Wednesday.  Here’s what I sent to my choir this past Thursday after rehearsing it for the first time.

Come to me by Dan Forrest (Official Video)

As leaders in our community, I love this new piece from Forrest because we can paint the sense of peace and comfort that we acknowledge the blessings and opportunities we have in life, especially in troubled times. With the Lent series we will begin titled: “Return to me”, I believe that we can help the congregation and community do exactly this. Return to Christ (and our spirituailty) and mend or as I said last night “strongify” (make stronger), and by doing so, make our own interpersonal relationships stronger and deeper.

It is deep in my heart that in these divisive times, that Music, worship, spirituality, and a deep sense of self will help us navigate this harsh and cruel world. It also reminds me of that prayer from a Carmelite nun from the 16th century and these words: 

“Nada te turbe, 
Nada te espante, 
Todo se pasa
Dios no se muda.
La paciencia todo lo alcanza
Quien a Dios tiene 
Nada le falta: 
Solo Dios basta.”

 “Let nothing trouble you; 
Let nothing frighten you; 
Everything changes (passes away), 
But God stays, 
Through patience
You will obtain everything; 
Whomever has God
lacks nothing:
Having God is enough (and gives us strength)

If you would like to listen to my favorite musical setting, by Jake Runestad, you can click on this link: 

If you would like to purchase said piece of music you can find it in his website: http://jakerunestad.com

See you soon,


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