Essay: There Was So Much Singing Then

Melanie J Thompson

“There Was So Much Singing Then”: Choral Singing & National Identity in 19th-century Wales

This is an overhaul of a paper I wrote for my BA in history, about 13 (!) years ago. As a sort of personal writing exercise, I have attempted to recast it for a general audience, aiming for a more informal/less academic tone. In addition to stylistic changes, this involved a lot of paring down and the removal of all footnotes, but I want to be clear that the following is my interpretation of work done by many great scholars of Welsh history and culture; they are listed in a bibliography posted below the main text, and I would be happy to be more specific about the exact provenance of any particular bit of information, should anyone be interested. Any errors or inaccuracies are my own, of course.

I’m fascinated by the formation of national…

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I'm Jose Clavell- Acosta. Western Illinois University & Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico alumni. I am a Choral Conductor, Spanish teacher, writer, foodie, corgi enthusiast, and a blogger.

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